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يتمتع بالخصوصية التامة للسيدات، فكل العاملين من النساء.

It includes parking for women only, showers, changing rooms, sun loungers and umbrellas

We have a variety of delicious dishes from the cafe

لا نستقبل اقل من ١٢ سنة


Our Services

  • Beach entry
  • Locker rooms
  • shower
  • mosque
  • Chairs on the sea
  • umbrellas
  • Ladies car parking
Beach for swimming, sunbathing and relaxation in complete privacy

* الشروط

  • Wearing a mask in closed places (reception / cafe / prayer room)
  • Commitment to social distancing
  • It is only allowed to enter a sandwich and water, it will be new and closed
  • ‎‏‎‏‎ممنوع دخول المعسلات مسموح المعسل الاكتروني والسجائر
  • It is allowed to wear a swimsuit, provided that it is not transparent or stripes
  • Cell phones are allowed and photography is PROHIBITED, provided that the security employee is present. The security employee (She) has the right to review the photos in order to protect everyone.
  • ‎‏‎ممنوع دخول الاولاد ❌
  • ‎‏‎ممنوع دخول البنات اقل من١٢سنه ❌
  • ممنوع مستحضر العكرالفاسي ❌
  • Payment only when entering cash or card (mada)
  • Please bring your towel